Video Didn’t Actually Kill The Radio Star

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As media formats like streaming websites and digital out of home rise in proficiency, it’s all too easy to forget about our faithful friend the radio.

Whilst it’s true that more contemporary formats have merit in their capacity to target more niche demographics, there is still a lot to be said about the capabilities of radio as the commuter, office worker, and home bird’s ever constant amusing voice.

So, as it’s National Radio Day, we’ve decided to list the reasons why, despite the digital age, radio advertising is still one of the most reliable and rewarding media advertising formats.


Audio isolates the senses, demanding a more attuned focus from the brain – you can’t ‘half pay attention’ the way you can with television. When you’re listening to the radio, your consciousness is taking it in. In fact, research as shown that when the same media spend is utilised on radio as television advertising, radio has yielded almost 10% more profitable results.


We know that not everyone listens to the radio. But we also know exactly who does listen, how long they listen for, where they listen and how regularly they tune in. Radio has one of the most committed and well researched demographics in the entirety of the media, which means that it’s far easier to generate truly effective and emotive adverts that are specifically designed to generate responses in these audiences.


One of the best things about radio is that it does half of the work for the advertiser. Whilst other media formats require an effort to emotionally engage the audience, radio provides this for you by itself. This is because people listen to the radio for emotional reasons. Listeners tune in for amusement on their way to and from work, for company whilst going about chores, to build buzz whilst they get ready for a night out, and to keep their spirits up at work. An audience who are looking to be emotionally stimulated are an advertiser’s dream.

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Words: Amy Cully Steele

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