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Rail Advertising

Try to recall the last time you passed through a train station, or indeed a train itself, and didn’t see at least one example of outdoor advertising. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

The truth is, it’s unlikely to happen – which bodes well for any brand using train station advertising in particular. Trains, trams and their stations cover the length and breadth of the country.

From small local stations to London tube advertising in the capital, rail advertising is a perfect fit for campaigns on both a local and national scale.

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Clean, Crisp, Creative

The majority of advertising at these stations around the UK is in the form of 4 sheets, which display clean and crisp creative that can help to attract customers or clients in the most direct way possible.

These railway advertising posters present a trusted method of reaching a different audience.

This carries on into the train itself, within which commuters and travellers will be struck by the sight of passenger panels, generating a branded outlook across the entire customer journey.

Why Choose Rail Advertising in Manchester?

Manchester has a large, county-wide metrolink service, utilised by thousands of commuters every single day.

This huge potential audience can be tapped into via a variety of advertising formats available on Manchester trams and their stations.

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What is rail advertising?
  • Rail advertising stretches across trains and trams and indicates an advertisement that’s featured in a train station, at a tram stop, or in a train or tram. Therefore, rail advertising grants access to a hard to reach demographic of commuters and young people.
Does rail advertising have much of an impact?
  • Rail advertising is accessed by train, Manchester Metrolink and tube users daily.
  • The impact is consistent as these are typically congested areas, and rail and tram audiences are 30% more likely to make a purchase online, with the average rail advertising campaign reaching 5.5 million adults per month.
Can I advertise on Manchester's Metrolink trams?
  • Advertising on the Manchester Metrolink is not only possible but extremely effective. Brands are able to advertise both at tram stops and on the trams themselves, ensuring an engaged audience with disposable income who are much more likely to respond to a call to action on their mobile phones, in their spare time whilst travelling in the city centre.
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Recent case studies
roadside 48 sheet
The Village Hotel Group
Last summer, we worked with The Village Hotel Group and launched seasonal campaigns with the aim of developing brand awareness while also increasing their weekend-break bedroom occupancy.
Campaign Photo for Key 103
KEY 103
Playing the biggest hits from the last 15 years, Key 103 promises upbeat songs to sing along to; boasting a music playlist as deep as it is broad, the station’s connection to its home city of Manchester remains unrivalled.
A digital 48 sheet provided by One Agency Media
The Couture Club
Launched in 2014, men’s fashion and lifestyle brand, The Couture Club was born out of a love for street style and for its home city, Manchester. With a focus on individuality and finesse, The Couture Club were looking to create an original, Manchester based campaign to unveil their new SS17 collection.