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Bus Advertising

Bus advertising is a multi-platform outdoor media service that offers an incredibly high footfall for an even more incredible price! It is predicted that a remarkable 30 MILLION people see a bus ad each week – a potential reach any brand would be lucky to tap into. Whether it’s a pedestrian or commuter, bus advertising makes its mark around the UK’s busiest areas on a daily basis.

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Powerful Message

A powerful advertising message is often one that is delivered time and again, becoming ingrained in an audience’s subconscious as a result. A bus advertisement is perfect for this method of thinking, as the public are exposed to your message time and again throughout a campaign. Given our extensive experience with the formidable bus formats, we can advise you on strategy regarding bus routes, formats and dates. You can trust us to give you an honest, open and deliverable strategy to get the most out of your campaign. Start driving your sales today and get in on the action with a bus advertisement. London bus advertising can be particularly effective, given the many bus routes and large population.

Why Choose Bus Advertising In Manchester?

Whilst we provide bus advertising solutions across the United Kingdom, the Greater Manchester area is one of the best places to consider running an engaging campaign. Facilitated by one of the UK’s busiest bus routes, Manchester has a massive population, 70% of whom are said to travel by bus on a regular basis. It really is an opportunity not to be missed.

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What are the benefits of bus advertising?
  • Bus advertising offers similar benefits to billboard advertising, in that it is exposed to an engaged and varied audience.
  • The audience is further increased with a bus advertisement as your ad will move through multiple demographics, plus the audience are keen to take in your information before it moves out of sight and is no longer accessible.
What are the USPs of London bus advertising?
  • Red busses are an iconic aspect of London and Westminster, and your brand can be too! London busses provide a platform to promote your brand as part of the diverse and commercially minded capital city.
  • Moving around areas that are highly congested by tourists with disposable income as well as commuters, ensuring access to an unconventionally affluent audience.
  • London’s red busses will always be a part of British culture and will always attract attention. Whilst tourists photograph them and commuters gaze at them for somewhere to look, they are also engaging with the advertisement that they invariably sport.
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Recent case studies
roadside 48 sheet
The Village Hotel Group
Last summer, we worked with The Village Hotel Group and launched seasonal campaigns with the aim of developing brand awareness while also increasing their weekend-break bedroom occupancy.
Campaign Photo for Key 103
KEY 103
Playing the biggest hits from the last 15 years, Key 103 promises upbeat songs to sing along to; boasting a music playlist as deep as it is broad, the station’s connection to its home city of Manchester remains unrivalled.
A digital 48 sheet provided by One Agency Media
The Couture Club
Launched in 2014, men’s fashion and lifestyle brand, The Couture Club was born out of a love for street style and for its home city, Manchester. With a focus on individuality and finesse, The Couture Club were looking to create an original, Manchester based campaign to unveil their new SS17 collection.