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You can’t beat the classics. Print media advertising is perhaps the oldest format we offer, and the one with the most history. It remains at the forefront of OOH advertising, a true testament to its staying power and potential for the kind of campaigns not seen anywhere else.

Be it in a local or national newspaper, a niche or large magazine, or one of the many other potential publications – the variety on offer remains attractive to many businesses, and it’s easy to understand why. Ads that dominate a quarter, half or full pages, or even purpose written advertorials that include the most engaging content you’ll find anywhere, one thing’s for sure – press advertising is going nowhere.

See It With Your Own Eyes

Great creative comes into play more than ever, as the public are able to get up close to your ad and really see it with their own eyes. Our in-house creative team includes vast experience in print design, leaving your campaign in the best hands possible.
The audiences for the publications involved in print media advertising, particularly national newspapers, tend to be quite clearly defined. As such, it is easy for a brand to identify a publication relevant to them and take advantage of that knowledge with a targeted campaign. We have built up substantial relationships and partnerships with some of the UK’s most prominent print publications over the years, something we aim to use in your favour should you opt for One Agency.

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What is print media?
  • Print media is a form of advertisement that is featured usually in newspapers and magazines. It is a significantly more trusted form of advertisement, and has withstood the test of time.
  • Potential customers are more willing to read the content of an advertisement and respect the brand that it promotes.
Why do advertisers use print media?
  • Whilst advertising has evolved technologically, print advertising is still a viable advertising option, as advertisers are more aware of the audience that they should expect.
  • When selecting a publication, a brand is able to manipulate the demographic and the scale of the reach, and be safe in the knowledge that their advertising investment will be read as their demographic have made the choice to engage with the brand.
  • Furthermore, print advertisements are especially more trusted by more mature generations, so offer advertisers the opportunity to reach this demographic.
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Recent case studies
roadside 48 sheet
The Village Hotel Group
Last summer, we worked with The Village Hotel Group and launched seasonal campaigns with the aim of developing brand awareness while also increasing their weekend-break bedroom occupancy.
Campaign Photo for Key 103
KEY 103
Playing the biggest hits from the last 15 years, Key 103 promises upbeat songs to sing along to; boasting a music playlist as deep as it is broad, the station’s connection to its home city of Manchester remains unrivalled.
A digital 48 sheet provided by One Agency Media
The Couture Club
Launched in 2014, men’s fashion and lifestyle brand, The Couture Club was born out of a love for street style and for its home city, Manchester. With a focus on individuality and finesse, The Couture Club were looking to create an original, Manchester based campaign to unveil their new SS17 collection.