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Rebecca Lewis

Marketing Manager


The Glamorous One


Becky is primarily responsible for managing marketing campaigns for both One Agency and our clients. She also directs the development of our marketing strategy and ensures that it’s in line with company objectives, co-ordinates marketing campaigns with sales activities and oversees the company’s marketing budget.


After studying fashion design at MMU, Becky went on to work at Jen Kao in NYC, before returning home to work as a designer in Manchester. She began her career in media at Primesight as an account manager.


She’s certainly glamorous, if by ‘glamorous’ you mean ‘routinely wears footwear you could take a rhinoceros down with.’ Frightening heels for someone who already dwarfs everyone else in the office.


Becky held her first ever job at the John Lewis Espresso Bar.


Due to her background, Becky has a natural flair for fashion and art, and takes on commissioned art pieces in her spare time. We argue that Lil’Dude – pictured here – is the truly glamorous one, though.


Favourite Quote: “This isn’t the real Caesar’s Palace is it?” – The Hangover