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Gemma Brereton

Senior Account Manager


The ? One


Gemma’s first job was as a Saturday girl on the makeup counter at boots, before she went on to study beauty therapy at college. She soon jumped ship when she discovered her natural knack for sales, but that doesn’t stop her from maintaining her glamourous A game for work every day.


And when we say natural knack, we mean it. Gemma was offered her first job in sales as a teenager after a short apprenticeship that saw her performing better than anyone else in her team.


After working in radio for many years, she’s moved to One Agency because she loves being able to deliver whatever services her clients need, not just what she wants to sell. She’s like cupid, but for advertising.


Her favourite hobby is going on long walks, so she’s recently bought a little French bulldog to take with her, because you really are nothing without the right accessories.


Favourite Quote: “Get in, get it done, get it done right, and get out.” – Fred Trump