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Key 103

Playing the biggest hits from the last 15 years, Key 103 promises upbeat songs to sing along to; boasting a music playlist as deep as it is broad, the station’s connection to its home city of Manchester remains unrivalled.

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Dramatic Advertising

With the aim to promote the ‘Key103’ app and exhibit the radio station’s music playlist, our first campaign made effective use of dynamic advertising platforms across the city’s busiest routes. To extend the Key 103 demographic and concentrate on Manchester directly, a creative message was enforced to recouple the station with its city and underline the relatively new logo within the North West.

Specialised Data

Through specialised data, we selected effective key locations based on target impacts and audience demographics to prompt ownership of a specific music position and developing trial/listening.
During our first campaign, Key 103 listening had increased by an impressive 48,000 listeners and so a second campaign was launched in March 2017 – within the first week alone, online listening had increased by 5%.

Unique Process

Through our unique process of buying and negotiating media, we’ve saved the client an average of 48%, allowing an increased investment into other format trials and the maximisation of future campaign ventures.

With a longstanding relationship and shared Mancunian origins, we’re proud to work with Key 103 and look forward to continuing our creative work ethic with the brand for 2018.

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