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Why Choose The Great Outdoors – The Cultural Significance Of OOH

3rd of August 2018

We take a look into the cultural significance of Out of Home advertising, exploring how it works and what it could achieve for businesses and brands; ‘Good OOH ads give something whilst selling something. Great ones magnify the experience.’

The ever-evolving landscape is culturally charged and intrinsically linked to the people around it.

We’re highly receptive when in transit.

Hardwired from primitive times, our brains are programmed to be more alert when we’re out and about. Keeping us safe from danger, this helps us understand the environment and enables us to identify key opportunities.


Out Of Home (OOH) Advertising catches people in an ‘Ultra-Absorbent’ state of mind.

OOH doesn’t have an ‘OFF’ switch. OOH exploits peripheral vision by broadcasting messages across high volumes of absorbent people. This provides instantaneous brand communication.


Out Of Home is a creative medium which exists in ‘constructed settings’. A quintessential component to our environment, the real world has the power to captivate and delight us.

An integral fragment of society, cultural signage can put us at ease in an otherwise unacquainted setting. Think about that feeling of strange unfamiliarity you encountered the last time you arrived at a new station or airport, and consider the unexpected assurance brought about by recognisable brand advertising.

Places can also feel more ‘real’ when sprinkled with OOH advertising. Imagine entering a city without the accustomed branded billboards, or showcases of creative digital innovation. Such landscapes progress and become iconic in their own right. As culture is constantly evolving, OOH is a vital element of growth.


People trust OOH – it can be emotive, creative, memorable and beautiful.


Based around the idea of the study of signs and symbols, OOH embeds a unique semiotic brand code irreversibly within our consciousness. This ingrain of information is key to visual brand awareness.

Through multi-layered brand campaigns, we become entangled with a brand’s language, purpose and the ‘real world’ advantages offered by brands.

Ubiquity and Scale.

Upscaling and appearing everywhere allows brand domination. While large formats keeps the audience attention for longer, scale can also create aspiration through legitimacy. Crafting powerful through monumental messaging connections helps build authenticity.

Propaganda and Seduction.

Historically, printed artwork shaped the 20th Century, as poster-art found strength in the hard economy. OOH can push messages out and pull attention in, transporting its audience to another dimension. In becoming culturally ingrained into the public psyche, brands and businesses become intrinsically linked to the world around us.

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