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Who Sees OOH?

7th of November 2017

The network of people who are reached by Out of Home advertising in the present day is colossal. It reaches commuters, students, business people, shoppers, and families alike on a daily basis. Around 98% of people are reached by Out of Home advertising each week – but beyond the obvious benefits of large scale exposure, Out of Home advertising is a platform that can be manipulated to target any advertiser’s ideal demographic with ease.



Crucially, advertisers are able to gain access to ideal groups of consumers. Commuter hotspots allow access to business minded professionals whilst shopping malls allow access to affluent young people. These groups are constantly on the move, continually digitally connected, more inclined to carry out digital searches, and most likely to pass on word of mouth physically and digitally than any other group.



These groups spend over three hours a day in public spaces, where they’re more alert to what is happening around them, and therefore they are more susceptible to digest information in their surroundings.



Since Out of Home advertising is a tailored platform geared to capturing the attention of desirable demographics, whilst they’re in a more conductive state of mind, by maximising audience scales and matching an advertiser to a space frequented by their ideal consumer group, Out of Home advertising is the ideal method to maximise brand exposure, so that they’re both absorbed and engraved into the public’s memory.


Words: Amy Cully Steele

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