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What is OOH?

10th of October 2017

OOH stands for ‘out of home’, and you probably already know what out of home advertising is. Even if you don’t, your subconscious most likely does. The average adult spends over 3 hours per day on the move – time during which you are exposed to a plethora of dynamic marketing schemes, manufactured purposefully to engage your interest.

The digital age has seen a birth of a new kind of advertisement. With back-lighting and moving fascia, campaigns have gained access to 24 hour visibility and a wealth of creative leeway, meaning that outdoor advertisements are now able to take up a cultural spot in the city’s landscape.

These high impact advertisements embody the spirit of the city, with endless creative scope and tailored brand identity, out of home advertisements are generating more interest now than ever before.

This generation of out of home advertising sees an innovative juxtaposition of digital with the classic outdoor advertisement framework, allowing advertisers the choice between ostentatious and forbearing, or classic and hard hitting campaigns. Thus making this a golden era for maximum impact, maximum creativity, and maximum exposure out of home advertising.

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