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Vickie Butterworth Reflects On Kindness In The Workplace This #WorldKindnessDay

13th of November 2018
one agency media

I volunteered to write this weeks’ blog because I actually love to write and don’t ever get the time. Full time work and motherhood have quashed that creative outlet! Same for reading a book – really love it but literally only read Archie’s school books at bedtime now, or half a book on holiday.

‘World Kindness Day’ was the topic given to me by my social media girls and a brief of making the content around me and One Agency… I feel like they’ve stitched me up a bit to be honest. Although, thinking about it, it could have been on ‘the best way to utilise SEO in programmatic remarketed, retargeted social media advertising’ – and I definitely wouldn’t have met the 500-word requirement!

I digress and without sounding like Carrie Bradshaw, that got me thinking; am I kind enough?

It’s difficult when you own a company that employs lots of staff. You have all these people, with very different personalities, to almost, look after. It’s not something you have training for – you learn on the job. And by my own admission, people aren’t something I’m great at. Anyone who knows me well, knows I’d be quite happy living on my own, in a field with very little human interaction!

I look how I feel and say what I think. But they look to you. For guidance, leadership, advice, empowerment and even criticism. Which brings me back to my question. Do I do all of those things, kindly?

The truth is, probably not all of the time. But what I have realised, as I’ve aged (hopefully, gracefully) is that being kind does make a difference to the response you get. It’s in my mind when I’m talking to people, more than ever before. What I say and how I say it can affect their day and ultimately, productivity!  I like being kind and I think the world would be a better place with more kindness.

And when there are deadlines or external pressures that come with running a business, it’s easy to not be kind. At those times, the strength, honesty and openness of the relationships you’ve forged, should hopefully enable a bit of forgiveness…. that or cake normally works too!

‘Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough that they don’t want to.’

Richard Branson’s quote hits the nail on the head.

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