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Time Management – The Great Equaliser

25th of February 2019
Time Management

Time – the great equaliser. No matter what your gender, race or income, if there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s the amount of hours we all have in the day.

If you’re serious about achieving your goals, it’s time to find a good management system and follow our fool-proof guide to just getting things done.

Balance Is Key

If you lack balance in your life, you’re setting yourself up for a fail without even giving yourself the chance you deserve. Even the most professional of task-jugglers need a break now and then, but without proper balance, you might find yourself reaching breaking point. It’s so important to find that work-life balance, so if you need some family time or social respite; life is short – don’t ignore the little things while you reach for your bigger goals.

Be true to yourself and set realistic goals.

As advance as possible, set all your tasks for the day, week and month – but keep them realistic. Don’t make life too hard for yourself, or you’ll run the risk of giving up before you’ve even began. Setting attainable goals in a realistic time- means you’re far more likely to succeed.

Break larger tasks into smaller ones.

If you’ve got a mammoth task to accomplish, break it down. For projects likely to last longer than one hour, try breaking them into more digestible steps. This will keep your mind fresh, focused and assures you with the flexibility of knowing that for the next 15 mins or so, you’re concentrating on one easy aspect.

Just say ‘NO’…

Turn your phone off. Close that Facebook tab. Allowing outside distractions only feeds the need to procrastinate. Take away those temptations and concentrate on the task at hand – you don’t need to be alerted every time someone messages you on Instagram.

Take those needed breaks.

Taking breaks can help you be more efficient. It gives you a time span to achieve goals by, provides a reward for hard work, and gives your mind the time to pause and re-energise. Next time you’re feeling that pull of procrastination, head outside for a brisk walk or simply switch tasks to something you enjoy a little more. You’ll come back feeling much more refreshed and ready to take on the next task.

Audit your time.

Spend some time tracking how long you spend on your routine tasks and assess whether there was any time wasted on certain duties that could have been utilised elsewhere.

Find inspiration.

Turn to places of inspiration when you’re feeling lackluster. It might be Youtube, TED Talks, Instagram or a blog, but take some time to have a browse. It’s hard to stay on track when you’re not feeling driven, but you never know when an idea might strike.

Allow failure.

When you break it all down, procrastination often stems from the fear of failure. Eliminate the pressure of perfection and always bear in mind that failure doesn’t define who you are.

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