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The Beauty of Mobile Billboards

31st of January 2019

Unique and engaging, mobile billboards offer one of the most versatile and creative advertising options. We love them – and not just because we own a whole host of truly impressive digital vehicles! Read on to find out about the magic of mobile billboards and how they can work for you.

The Key to Standing out in 2019

When you’re walking or driving through town, you probably see advertisements wherever you look. Billboards, bus stops, on busses and taxis, not to mention the ones mingled in with your friends posts on social media whenever you look at your phone.

We love a good trick to get an ad noticed, and we’ve got plenty up our sleeves! So, we’re happy to let you in on this little one: if you change the dynamic of a landscape that people are used to seeing in a certain way, they can’t help but stop and take a look to see what’s going on. In the same way that the traffic on the unaffected side of the road slows down to peer at an accident on their daily commute, a dramatic change of scenery piques our curiosity so that we tend to stop to see what’s going on, even if we aren’t really interested in the content.

Mobile digital billboards are a great way to break up the monotony of a landscape, creating a spectacle that can’t be ignored. Giant digital screens travelling around an area with the highest concentration of your ideal audience are a surefire way to guarantee impressions, where a classic billboard might fall short.

Experiential Advertising

Impressions are great, but they’re just one of many ways to generate brand awareness. Versatile and spectacular, our digital fleet can be used in so many ways to engage with your audience and help build your brand.

The digital fleet provides an unique opportunity to get creative, and we love thinking up new ideas for how to use them, so feel free to pop in for a chat or give us a call if you fancy a brainstorm! Whatever you’re thinking, think bigger.

Making A Splash

We don’t just advertise for brands or campaigns…have you got a mate who’s turning 40 soon and you’d really like to advertise that fact with a digital screen driving around town near their workplace on their birthday, for everyone to see? Who doesn’t want to see their embarrassing drunken 21st birthday pictures blown up on a huge billboard?

If you want to organise an event that has people talking, but you’d like to keep the fuss and organisation to a minimum, why not consider putting on an outdoor cinema? We’ve got everything you need, so give us a ring if you’d like to find out how we make it work.


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