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The Art Of Engagement – “Life’s A Pitch”

27th of June 2019

Taking the stage by absolute storm, Naomi Timperley, Engagement Consultant for the Tech and Digital Industries, turned up to tell us exactly how it is.

Creative North: Engagement

Straight talking and just the right amount of terrifying, Naomi opens with the bold statement that businesses ultimately only choose to work with people they like. Which, we guess makes business personal?

She goes on to divulge in some of the different ways we can all try to make ourselves less annoying. Take note.

Since day dot, humans have been invested in telling stories. Cavemen drew native narratives on walls, and gradually, word of mouth became a way for fables and life lessons to be passed down through the generations. Telling stories is integrated into our culture as human beings and it’s something we wouldn’t be here without. So learning how to be engaging when telling these stories is super important.

Our next question concerns who we want to be engaged with, and how we want to speak to them. Opening the forum to the Royal Exchange audience itself, Naomi asks how we all engage with others; ‘listen more than you talk’, ‘ask questions’, ‘like and share content’, were thrown out there, followed by, ‘be inquisitive – a key skill for all adults’ and ‘find out about people’.

Naomi points out that leaders often forget that ‘humans’ are the ones who have to implement strategy, and so strategy should always be constructed with emotional intelligence and engagement in mind. As ever, communication is always key and you should continuously strive to identify, modify and adapt.

On one final note, we’re all reminded that a C.V is the perfect opportunity to pitch your story.

“Life’s a pitch, and it’s going to stay that way in future. We all need to tell good stories, use them to connect with each other and find common ground with people.”

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