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Shake Up Your Thursday with our Margarita Remakes

22nd of February 2018

There’s a reason why this Mexican dream has withstood the test of tasty time, and continues to top the list of universal cocktail favourites. The sourness of the lime that balances out the shock of the tequila, followed by the ever necessary zing of the salt…something about the diversity and the integrity of the flavours has donned this combination not only a drink, but an experience.

Although you can’t mess with a classic, we are always on the lookout for what’s new and exciting. So, we referred to our resident mixologist for some new and off beat ideas about how to embrace World Margarita Day, and we thought we would share some of the cocktail love.

Firstly, most of these recipes require the substitution or addition of ingredients to the classic margarita, so here’s the golden ticket to your run of the mill tequila treat to get you started.



Triple sec/Cointreau


Sugar syrup (gomme)

Sweet and sour mix (optional)


Crushed ice

Firstly, dampen the rim of the glass with squeezed lime and then roll it in salt, before filling with crushed ice.

Take a shaker (or a pint glass filled with ice, if you’re DIYing it) and add a shot of tequila and a double shot of Cointreau or triple sec, depending on how fancy you are.

Then add 4 squeezed lime segments and a shot of sweet and sour mix, or the juice of a full lime, and a three second pour of sugar syrup (this can easily be made at home by mixing sugar and boiling water in equal parts and stirring).

Shake the ingredients together with ice until both parts of the shaker are ice-cold to touch, or stir in your pint glass until the mixture is cloudy, and strain over your crushed ice and enjoy.

Alternatively, if you have a blender than add all of the ingredients, including cubed ice, blend, then pour them straight into your rimmed glass.

Grapefruit and Chilli

For this recipe, just rim the glass with sugar and chilli flakes rather than salt, add the juice of half of a grapefruit and a drop of tabasco to your mixture.

You’ll need a touch more sugar syrup to even out the bite of the grapefruit, but this concoction is beyond Instagram worthy, and looks great with a strawberry and lime to garnish.

Passionfruit and Guava

This mix makes for a tropical dream that goes down a treat on a sunny afternoon in the garden. Just decrease your dose of triple sec to one shot and add a shot (and a half if you can handle it…and we know you can) of Passoa (passionfruit liqueur), add 50ml of guava juice (which can be bought in cartons at the supermarket) and rim your glass with sugar rather than salt.

Garnish with half of a passionfruit or a twirl of orange rind. Or just multiply your measures by four and add to a pitcher to be everybody’s best friend.


This one has actually a been done a few times before, but it combines two classic cocktails in a pairing who’s standing has only been seen before in the coupling of Amal and George Clooney, or Ant and Dec.

Traditionally the idea is to ditch the triple sec and add cranberry juice (about 50ml). Also you don’t need to bother with the crushed ice, simply serve in an un-rimmed martini glass. We’re sure this is great…but so is triple sec, so…your call.


Strawberry and Mint

This one is strong and refreshing in equal measures, a traditionally British take on the Latin classic. Definitely not one for the designated lightweight, because the sweetness of the strawberry enables you to knock three back before you realise that you’ve lost the feeling in your legs.

Add a shot of Fragola (wild strawberry liqueur), a shot of strawberry puree (or blended strawberries work just as well) and a three second pour of strawberry gomme (or just a touch more gomme if you don’t fancy investing in the strawberry kind). Don’t add sweet and sour mixture to this one, but make sure you’ve got plenty of lime squeezed in. Take a stem of mint, smack it with your hand to release the flavour and scent and make a spiral of it in your glass before you add the ice/mixture.

Chocolate Orange Margarita

Start from scratch with this one. Shake or stir a shot of tequila, a shot of Cointreau, a shot of Mozart chocolate cream liqueur, three squeezes of Monin chocolate sauce (not syrup) and a dash of cream. Decorate your class with chocolate sauce (the kind you put on ice cream), ditch the crushed ice and strain the whole lot straight into the class. Garnish with orange rind and a sprinkle of chocolate.

Botanical Margarita

Experience the organic flavour of the tequila in conjunction with the subtleties of botanical flavours for balance by adding a dash of rhubarb and rosehip cordial, a shot of elderflower liqueur and a mint spiral as before. Reduce your triple sec dose to one shot rather than two so as not to drown the subtle flavours of the garden.

Garnish with as many berries as you can source.

Happy World Margarita Day!



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Word: Amy Cully Steele

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