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One Stop, One Team, One Agency

1st of March 2019

Sometimes, it’s the little things that count. The humble tokens of appreciation that we can share with the team and the small gestures of gratitude that can often mean the world.

I’m so proud to work with a team where managers randomly bring their execs flowers after a hard day and account managers surprise planners with their favourite treats after going above and beyond to help.

Out of respect, I believe you should never expect them to do anything that you wouldn’t do yourself. As the Sales Director, I think one of the most important things you can show your employees is how much you truly appreciate them; this is the foundation for a strong work ethic and shows a mutual loyalty between myself and the team. We’re all ‘One’ and we all share the same mentality – no job can be done without teamwork… we all know… ‘there’s no I in We’.

Admittedly, it can be difficult to balance ‘morale’ at times. There are just some things which are out of my control – as much as I might love to, I can’t always control holidays, schedules, deadlines and workloads etc, but I like to think I do my best with the things I can control. We don’t mind welcoming the occasional furfy friend into the office, and when I can, I’ll treat the team with breakfasts, doughnuts and the hard-earned early dart. These are just some of the ways I like to set the team up for a big day, or to thank the them for all they do.

We’ve had a really strong financial start to the year, and while this is a product of a collaborative effort across the team, we’ve also had a great 12 months in terms of team building and events. We always love a good dress-up incentive, and from a competitive outing to Crystal Maze last spring to an even more spirited Christmas Decorative  Office competition (my team won both – just sayin’), these outings are a great way to build team relationships.

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