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One Plastic Free Day – One Agency x A Plastic Planet

5th of June 2019
Plastic Free Day

This #OnePlasticFreeDay, we’ve partnered with A Plastic Planet. With the single goal of dramatically reducing the use of indestructible plastics, they hope to put an end to the destruction of our soil, ocean, air and health of our future generations.

A Plastic Planet believes in plain-speaking and simple truths… It’s either plastic, or it’s not plastic. Recognising that plastic has become a very complicated issue, their goal is to bring straight-talking clarity to the world of plastic, using language that everyone relates to.

In 2018 only 9% of plastic was recycled in UK; in the USA it was less than 5%. Plastic Planet believe that we can no longer hide behind the myth that we can recycle our way out of this crisis. Which is pretty shocking, because we were here thinking recyclable plastics were okay. It turns out, over half of the plastic waste from many relatively rich countries is actually exported to developing countries who do not have the infrastructure to cope with it. Ultimately, we’re are sending our plastic trash to some of the poorest people in the world in the name of ‘recycling’.

A Plastic Planet

Our Mobile Advan joins A Plastic Planet on #OnePlasticFreeDay

What can we do?

Right now, our hands are tied, and we have no other option but to buy our daily products in plastic. Plastic Planet aim to give the public choice and want brands and retailers to simply sell us something different. So, we need to make some noise. One of the most recent campaigns included a social movement, which encouraged the public to re-think the every day objects they use every day.

The campaign consisted of 3 simple steps…

PICK one thing you want to see go plastic free.
SNAP! a picture of it on your phone. It could be your water bottle, a pair of trainers, a pen…
POST the picture on your social channels using the hashtag #OnePlasticFreeDay and add a description about the object you want to change now.

We headed down to London with The Original Advan to join Plastic Planet co-founders, Frederikke Magnussen and Siân Sutherland in spreading the #OnePlasticFreeDay message. As self-confessed plastic-addicts, the two realised they could no longer stand by once they became aware of what we are all collectively doing to our oceans, our land and ultimately to our own health.

A Plastic Planet

Frederikke Magnussen and Siân Sutherland

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