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One Brand Story

12th of July 2017
The new one agency sign

One Stop, One Team – One Agency


Here at One Agency, we hold warmth and congeniality above everything else. Approachable, helpful and unique, we always strive to offer a bespoke service; this is the key philosophy we’ve built our brand around.

So that our visual character is just as powerful as our personal identity, we’ve recently worked on a brand refresh.

The story begins with three words: ‘Family’, ‘Friendly’, ‘Human’.

Our graphic-design team realised that our old existing logo didn’t fully portray our brand ethos, and believed that something new could be developed to better illustrate this. They set out to design a questionnaire which aimed to get to the bottom of ‘what sets us apart from the rest’, ‘why our audience should choose us’ and ‘what sense we want our audience to associate us with’. From this, the design team understood that they needed to create an innovative brief to craft a brand vision which expresses our sense of family, our friendly approach and our honest, human nature.


one stop, one team, one agency


We found that handwriting was something which would encompass our ‘family’, ‘friendly’ and ‘human’ appoach, so we started our journey by involving the whole One team, asking them to handwrite their own ‘One’ logo. With an eclectic array of options to choose from, the designers got everyone’s logos scanned in and asked the team to choose the ‘One’ they preferred; after narrowing the choices down, the graphics team brought everyone’s writing together, worked a little magic, et voila, we had our final design.

So that the new branding echoed some contingency from the last, we favoured the red colour, as this is warm and welcoming. To create a succinct brand vision, this basic palette is as dynamic as the team, and is built to maintain consistency across all brand communication.


the One logo taking form

The One logo taking form


After further reflection, we realised that this friendly, personalised handwritten form was a unique conception that should be pushed as far as possible, for example, across our website and brand tagline. Inspired, we united our love of Manchester with this tailor-made notion, and constructed a set of exclusive and bespoke illustrations, depicting hand-sketched scenes from around our home city. These beautiful and unique designs will feature across the brand, from One Social Media to the very walls of One Agency; our city will be at the heart of everything we do.
It’s a pretty exciting time for One Agency, and as the company continues to grow, so does our brand identity. We have some strong ideas in the pipeline, and we look forward to sharing our future prospects with you soon.

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