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National Apprenticeship Week with Bury College

9th of March 2018

As this week is National Apprenticeship Week, we went over to Bury College to speak to their Head of Business Development, Daniele Palacios, to learn more about apprenticeship schemes and the overlooked benefits they offer.

Daniele, having once been an apprentice herself, believes strongly in apprenticeship awareness. She aims to reiterate the importance of the experience that comes with working your way up in a business.

Bury College offer forty-two different apprenticeship programmes, ranging from Engineering to Beauty. This week, to raise awareness, they hired our Digital Events Bus and travelled to local schools; engaging with students about the values and progression routes apprenticeships can offer.

‘There are several benefits of pursuing an apprenticeship – the first being the cost saving an individual can make. Whilst doing an apprenticeship, you are earning and learning. The reality is that you’re getting years of solid work experience you can put onto your CV.’

It’s commonly believed that apprenticeships fall short when compared to a degree from university, however, Daniele believes that, ‘the perception of apprenticeships has really changed quite recently. Whereas before, it was only really trade apprenticeships available, now there are all different sorts of courses to be offered.’

The entry demographic for apprenticeships has also changed, ‘before it was generally students within the school or college leverage, 16-18, but now with the introduction of the Levy, more and more apprentices are actually over the age of 25.’

It’s not just the students that can take advantage of apprenticeships, as businesses can also benefit from massive cost reductions at taking on apprentices, as Daniele explains, ‘if you’re recruiting as a business at an entry level role, we’re working with more and more employees that can actually have that position as an apprenticeship role.’

Businesses are increasingly embracing apprenticeship programmes, which is beneficial to the corporate social responsibility. Their willingness to collaborate locally benefits their businesses as well as working with their community to create jobs universally.

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Words: Georgia Kirk

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