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Celebrating the Sunshine with the Stars: My Ideal Destination launches in Manchester

20th of February 2019

Left – Right: Dean Fagan (Coronation Street), JSky (singer/songwriter, model and blogger), Cassie Bradley and Ali Neeson (Coronation Street)

Wanderlust is an epidemic that plagues many of us, and the only known antidote is that blast of warm, balmy air when we first step foot off the aeroplane and into pastures new and unfamiliar. We’re all about advertising, but let’s be honest – no feeling on earth mirrors that of ticking off the last thing on your to do list and turning on your Out Of Office, ready to open your eyes and your mind to a whole different way of living, that usually doesn’t involve a desk.

For those of us who carry the burden of limited holidays, it’s imperative to get the absolute best out of those few treasured weeks in a world that exists outside of the daily grind. My Ideal Destination is the most effective way of making sure that the best days of your year are the best that they can be.

It isn’t all about the destination, everyone knows that the journey must also be carefully considered – which is where My Ideal Destination fares best. Offering the most bespoke approach to holiday booking, your travel consultant is on hand to look at everything from airport parking and car hire to airport lounges, restaurant bookings and excursions.

As well as perfecting the getaway that we all need, My Ideal Destination are doing their bit to add a touch of sunshine to our notoriously overcast city – look out for their gorgeous wrapped taxis taking over the city in the near future.

Coronation Street stars Victoria Ekanoye and Faye Brookes at Dirty Martini for the My Ideal Destination launch

With the website working as a PA service for your holiday needs, this revolutionary approach to vacation booking has us all itching to plan our next getaway. We were delighted to join some of Manchester’s most loved celebs at Dirty Martini for the launch event for My Ideal Destination.

The website enables you to chat with a travel expert in real time, so you can have a relaxed chat about your preferences; such as if you’d like a city break somewhere sunny but you need a good nightlife. Your consultant can check thing like public transport, whether there are enough excursion opportunities, what kind of crowd you can expect to find and what the shopping scene is like. Ultimately, they check up on all of those little things that either make or break your holiday, to ensure that you really are heading to your ideal destination.

They can even help you to take care of all of the boring stuff like holiday insurance, airport transfers and payment schedules so that you can shift your focus to more pressing matters…like what you’re going to wear to the most exciting restaurant in your Ideal Destination.


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