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Lighting Up the Skies With DOOH

5th of November 2018

Bonfire night is one of the best nights of the year, without a doubt. Is there honestly anything better than shoving a pair of wellies on and marching to the local park for a toffee apple by the bonfire and maybe a quick spin on the waltzers before catching the display? We think not.

There’s something special about the rhythmic patterns of the fireworks on 5th November that makes everyone look up with excitement as soon as they see that first burst of colour against the inky sky. Kids spend hours in art classes trying to capture the magic moment with black card, glitter and PVA glue. It’s almost impossible to deter your eyes from the sky when you know that at any moment, it’s going to be filled with light and excitement.

What if you could replicate that same sense of all-encompassing attention, for your brand…all year round? In the same way that people can’t look away from the sky when it’s filled with colour and excitement, so can’t they look away from big, bright, digital billboards that they pass on their day to day lives.

As the nights draw in and people find themselves travelling to and from work in the dark, digital billboards are more visible than ever. They’re huge, loud and unmissable. Not to mention a welcome distraction from the monotony of the roads on the daily commute.

What do the Eiffel Tower, Iceland and Blackpool have in common? They’re famous for their lights. Like moths to flames, people actually travel to see these iconic displays of lights put on my electricity and nature.

But in the same way that we can all tell a great firework display from a less inspiring one, a great creative is the difference between an advertisement that gets seen – and one that gets remembered.

Thus, in essence, the same principles of Bonfire Night apply to the world of digital out of home advertising (DOOH); if it’s bright, bold, clever and timely, people will never take their eyes off it.

If you want to see your name up in lights (in the kind of creative format that really makes it count) then give us a call.

Words: Amy Cully Steele

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