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How To Shine A Light On Black Friday

22nd of November 2018
black friday

Black Friday. The two little words that fill retail assistants with dread and the internet into melt-down. Gaining a bad rep in recent years, the notoriously hostile sale has seen shoppers transgress into shopping sin and, let’s face it, to commit crimes against humanity. Have you ever needed a microwave so bad you’d be willing to crush a fellow soul for it?

absolute scenes

We’ll hope not, and refer you to some of our finest eCommerce clients. Nobody can take you out with an ex-display television from the safety of your own home.

The Couture Club

Black Friday

The Couture Club Social Media

The Couture Club have revealed their Black Friday campaign, in a coup of countdown category offers all branded in classic TCC style. Featuring a simple but impactful tri-colour design, The Couture Club promotes its cyber deals through eye-catching neon and a ‘less is more’ minimalist approach across social media.

There are a number of things which The Couture Club do well, and one of them, is location shoot and brand imagery. Colours are cool and contrasted, while a collected model always appears to look candid and nonchalant. With a full homepage takeover, TCC push their sale to the forefront of customer engagement.

The Couture Club Homepage

The Couture Club know that identity enforcement makes a brand. Through subliminal brand company messaging, clear to both loyal customers and new, as TCC’s appointed media agency, we’ve worked tirelessly with the marketing team to devise a strong and vibrant campaign strategy. To assert domination and increase Black Friday sales, The Couture Club have been places across several high-impact digital prime sites across the city centre.

The Couture Club OOH

Rebellious Fashion

Another of our wonderful ecommerce clients, Rebellious Fashion is also inviting customers to partake in the Black Friday madness from the comfort of their own sofa (or bed, we don’t judge here).

With a fabulous focus on the glitz and glamour of the party season, Rebellious Fashion has gone all in on some smashing cyber deals. They know their customer loves fast fashion at great quality and good value, so they’ve produced a Black Friday marketing campaign to fit.

Rebellious Fashion Homepage

With a site sprinkled in glittery themes, branding remains at the head of importance. This is followed by a sense of lively urgency in content messaging, urging customers to catch deals while they can.

In the market for some more Black Friday tips?

There’s a plethora of Black Friday marketing techniques out there, but our favourites always appeal to your target audience’s emotions. Unless you genuinely are a ‘super-fast-fashion’ brand, employ less haste and replace your messaging with a more challenging tone.

Phrases such as, ‘are you ready?’ and ‘prepare yourself’ are much more enticing to a customer, just as encouragement through the likes of ‘go for it’, ‘treat yourself’ and ‘almost there’ create a sense of need. While a feel of intimacy suggest a familiarity, or imply an existing relationship between your brand and your audience. This builds trust and encouragement, which is a sure fire way to translate sales.

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