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Spotify: How OOH Advertising Became So Relatable

9th of May 2019
Outdoor Advertising

As a self-confessed OOH obsessed media agency, we’re always on the lookout for inspiring out of home campaigns. From out-there experiential to classic billboard formats, if someone is pioneering a new concept, we’re always on board. That’s why Spotify caught our eye last night.

As part of a clever two-pronged campaign, Spotify have followed the ‘Me, Also Me’ meme format to reach out to the millennial audience and show how the streaming platform can provide ‘music for every mood’. From getting over a bad breakup to making time for some much needed self-care, the campaign features playlists for any occasion and reveals how Spotify has transformed the way people find and enjoy music.

June Sauvaget, Spotify’s global head of consumer and product marketing said, “…this multifaceted campaign sets the stage as we seek to deepen our connection with the people who already know and love Spotify and cultivate relationships and moments of discovery in areas of the world where we are looking to expand.”

But this isn’t the first time Spotify have employed witty advertising techniques across their OOH strategies. The music moguls have spent the last three years creating oh-so relatable campaigns, building up to the ‘Wrapped’ adverts we recognise today. We looked back to their ‘2018 Wrapped’ campaign, which seeks to share user interactions and connect with what is happening across the global Spotify community. Portraying the brand as a ‘platform for discovery’, the messages feature distinctive tone of voice and focus on user playlist creations. Speaking out about the campaign, Spotify said, “This year, we decided to focus on Playlist creation; it’s one of our features that allows people to get highly creative. The fact that users give the playlists such hilarious names or use them to comment on broader cultural trends only makes the material richer.”

Back in 2017, Spotify also showcased some of their more eccentric user listening habits, exposing some hilariously quirky behaviours. Ads featured unique playlists, such as one titled ‘I love gingers’, (consisting of 48 Ed Sheeran songs by the OG himself), and song-play history, such as ‘Sorry’, which was played 42 times by one user on Valentine’s Day.

We’re not sure what they’d done wrong, but we really hope their other half enjoys that much Beiber.

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