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Growing Social Media For Your Business

5th of December 2017

Did you know that around 80% of the UK’s population are active on social media for an average of two hours a day? That’s an audience of over 42 million!




Building a strong social strategy and understanding social media can be key to helping a business grow. It can generate sales, reach new audiences, target specific customers and build relationships and networks.


Social Media can add value to your brand by raising your customer service levels and enabling you to build your own community, but it can also improve your marketing strategy by helping you get noticed on search, attracting more people to your site, gaining valuable customer insights and helping you to keep an eye on competitors.



Social Media can be a tricky bag; attention spans are short and you’ll often find yourself having to fight to attention. Advertising is not always free, but most importantly of all, once you’ve posted something to the public… it’s public.


When creating your social media strategy, the following 5 points are always worth bearing in mind: Who is your Audience? What are your Business Goals? Which Social Platforms will work best for you? What is your Tone of Voice? What is Success? Once you’ve got these sussed, you’ll have a better idea of what your goals should be, for example, Customer Service, Brand Awareness, Generating Sales, Site Traffic and Connecting with relevant influencers.



Another key factor in your social media plan is your brand’s social voice. Ensuring that your brand guidelines are followed, accurate fonts, colours and logos are crucial in maintaining consistency across the board.


What sort of content should you share?


Social Media is all about engagement, so your content should encourage a switched on audience to absorb and interact with the information you share.  We’d advise you focus on brand announcements, such as new product, non-promotional content, such as behind the scenes insights, product tips or tricks and engaging customer responses. Content should feature experiences worth sharing and involve the user in a journey they’re excited to be on board with.



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Words: Rebekah Spratt

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