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Digi Van Presence

29th of May 2015
the cheadle college network

Cheadle & Marple’s Digi Van Presence

Our state-of-the-art digital ad van was hired by Cheadle & Marple College to promote their two wonderful campus sites across both areas. The van was sent down the busy A6 for maximum impact and reach, hitting a wide range of highly populated areas such as Stockport, Hazel Grove, Bramhall and Offerton.

Park up places were utilised to great effect, showcasing the ad in high footfall areas to ensure further audience optimisation. From the vehicle users to pedestrians and the digi van driver himself, heads were turned and everyone was mightily impressed with our digital format and, most importantly, the ad emblazoned across its large modern display. The ads clearly and concisely displayed the two college campuses of the Cheadle & Marple college network, resulting in a big yet simple and effective statement that is sure to have reached the desired target audience.

If you’re going to use a roadside screen to advertise your educational establishment, then why not make it huge, colourful and mobile? That’s a trio of benefits any business would be happy with.

Images such as the ones displayed here of the van alongside the A34 near to a pub as well as the always-busy Parrs Wood Entertainment Centre, are a perfect example of the broad but also targeted reach of our digital ad van. Anyone walking or driving past that is going to have a look, whether they intend to or not.

Cheadle & Marple’s Digi Van Presence

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