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Creativity Day – Launching Love Island

30th of May 2019

Our creative team are always searching for new vessels of inspiration. As we’re super excited (don’t @ us) about the return of Love Island, we’ve decided to put a One Agency spin on how we we’d re-hash the brand. Treating it like our very own brief, each part of our creative department took one hour to look at how they’d treat their respective contribution.

Stage One: Research

Research methods vary from project to project, but they tend to start the same way. We start by having a look at their existing brand – their website, their social media channels and how they use them. This helps us to gain an understanding of who they’re trying to target based on their preferred tone of voice, platform and aesthetic.

Another tool that we use to gather enough data to create our pen profiles is Mosaic profiling. This is a method that draws on a bank of data based on 50 million adults, 26 million households, 1.7 million postcodes and 450+ input variables to attribute consumer behaviours to certain demographics.

Here, we generated pen profiles based on a combination of their existing consumer insight and the demographics that we would expect to target using their current marketing.

Stage Two: Brand Aesthetic and Tone of Voice

Here, the creative designers have incorporated the heart icon into the Love Island logo, which is to be used at all times.

At the opening and closing credits of the show, the heart is to have a beating rhythm. We have kept the gold and white colour-way, as this is in-keeping with the current branding and goes well with the summer vibe.

We also added a tagline to add even more flavour to the brand. This final tagline was based on themes of summer, drama and passion, however, other tones of voice include notions of love, and ask the audience if they’re ready to take on a summer of Love Island.

Stage Three: Marketing and PR

The next stage in the campaign was to develop a Marketing and PR campaign. This would ensure an all-encompassing strategy which is both fun and engaging with the public.

This will take a 3-pronged attack, including an experiential tour across the UK, airport advertising targeting flights to Ibiza during the opening parties in May, and a PR takeover across commuter transport networks.

Stage 4: Branded Merchandise 

Finally, we’ve mocked up a set of Love Island themed merchandise. This is all based on the show and features the Love Island branding and can be personalised with people’s names.


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