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Creating & Interactive Donating

25th of June 2015
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Creating, Donating and Interactive DOOH


Have you ever wondered where your donation ends up when giving to charity? How it’s used to benefit those the charity in question is supporting? Well, look no further than Misereor and their amazingly inventive interactive billboards. As seen in the video below, a person can swipe their card to simultaneously donate two euros whilst performing an act that helps those in need – such as cutting a slice of bread for a starving person (feed them!), or cutting someone free of rope restraints (free them!).



Something like this works on a number of different, equally effective levels. People like to know where their money is going, and this offers them a chance to see exactly that in a unique way. Plus, a person is much more likely to donate via interaction with the ad in this way than they would be with a basic billboard, with which they would need to take a note of the charity and follow it up later. In short, it’s much more efficient. It’s also more fun. Just look at the number of parents approaching the ad with their children and allowing them to engage with it. I’m jealous just sat here typing this in the knowledge that these are based in airports, not offices. I want to swipe it!


The time aspect is most crucial. Gone is the excuse of not having enough time to donate. It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s engaging with an audience in a really fresh way.


Misereor is an organisation dedicated to fighting poverty in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Charities can benefit greatly from creative advertising such as this. How many people say they’d like to donate, but don’t have the time, find it too complicated or would rather not sign up to anything? Add those to people who already give to charity, and you have yourself a huge audience. That then leads to more money for a great cause – a win-win situation.


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