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Creating Lines Of Brand Engagement With Your Customers

24th of January 2019
brand engagement

One Agency take a look at how your business can use brand engagement to best compliment your lifeblood: the cherished ‘Customer’.

Develop deep and long lasting emotional connections. While everyone loves to feel special, nobody enjoys the company of a cold, cocky bot. Establishing an emotional connection will build trust in your brand and increase your customer loyalty, and one of the most impactful ways this can be done is by proving that customers are dealing with an actual person, rather than just a faceless corporation.

Social media is a great way of providing your customers a 24/hour access channel from the outside world. It’s also quickly growing into the first point of call your audience might access, so learning how to use it to show a little love and increase brand engagement is crucial.

Use team members across your social media. If you’re a B2B company and you’re selling your company ethos, you may wish to build your team into your own social media campaigns, for example, behind the scenes of the office. This reflects the company in a personable and credulous light.

B2C companies may wish to deal with customer enquiries through named members, for example, a reply from friendly Dan Walker would be much more accommodating than a response from DW or Customer Care.

Your website is probably the second place your audience might visit to learn a little more about who you are and what you do. Include author bios on your blogs or team pages. This will allow your customers or potential new leads to get to know your company and build a relationship with you.

To combine the online realms with the ‘real world’, make someone your brand ambassador. You could think about selecting someone or a particular team to be the face of your company/community – in the case of B2B, brand ambassadors could represent your company at events and through social media, or a B2C company might want to appoint a face of the company; someone who can become as synonymous with your brand as your logo and tagline.

Using your own team members isn’t the only way to communicate brand engagement with your audience; you could also consider making your customers a part of the team. We all like to feel ‘part of it’, so if you’ve noticed your customer has launched a new charity or released a product of their own, or perhaps they’ve posted a picture of your own product – don’t hesitate to share this on your own social media platforms. You could also think about keeping simple by highlighting a loyal client each month or rewarding a customer with surprise prizes.

Fancy learning more about how successful companies have included customers in their brand engagement? We looked at how Disney sell through stories. 

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