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Christmas Songs (in order of their worth…)

21st of December 2017

Many have tried and failed to collate the perfect Christmas song roundup, simply because it’s considered unorthodox to discuss Christmas bangers without mentioning the tried and tested classics that get rammed down your throat every December. But, given a moment of painful honesty, it must be acknowledged; Jona Lewie’s ‘Stop the Cavalry’ is depressing, the opening line to Slade’s ‘Merry xmas Everyone’ is shudder worthy, and the Love Actually take on ‘Love is all Around’ is awful beyond the point of comedy.


5. ‘All I want for Christmas Is You’, Mariah Carey
This belter made it onto the list purely for the laughs it provides when you get to hear your drunken co-worker belting it out at the Christmas party.



4. Any song by Michael Bublé
They all sound the same anyway. But admittedly, they’re all smooth and soothing Christmassy bangers.




3. ‘Last Christmas’, Wham
This is one classic that you can’t discredit, partially because George Michael can actually sing, and partially because of its innate ability to take you to a place wherein you genuinely believe that your heart was broken last year, but this year you’re fiiiiine.



2. ‘One More Sleep’, Leona Lewis
Petition for Leona Lewis and Mariah Carey to have a Christmas style riff off?? Winner takes the crown as the Christmas Queen.



1. ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’, Buddy the Elf and Jovie.
Hands down the best version of this classic, Will Ferrell does not get enough credit for hitting that last note.




Words: Amy Cully Steele

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