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And the Answer is…Advans!

31st of March 2016
advan digital screen


And the Answer is…Advans!


Billed as ‘the only quiz where the audience can be the real winners’, Sell Me The Answer is a popular radio quiz airing on huge Manchester station Key 103.


Often entertaining for both contestant and listener, the game itself is simple but effective. One member of the public per week answers questions live on air in an attempt to bag thousands of pounds. Sounds easy right? Ah yes, but there’s a twist. There’s always a twist! Get a question wrong, and the person has the choice of either forfeiting the money, or asking a Key 103 listener for the answer – but not until the caller has negotiated for a portion of the cash winnings. Did I mention the answer they give doesn’t have to be right? They get their share of the cash regardless. Can you trust them with your money? You never know – until it’s too late. Think Golden balls minus Jasper Carrott, the titular spheres and most of the other rules. On second thought, just forget Golden Balls completely.


Sell Me the Answer is far from forgettable however, something One Agency made sure of as we provided Key 103 with an Ad-Van travelling across the East Lancs for added exposure. As noted previously, this is a good method of targeted advertising with the ad itself being completely mobile.


The picture below shows one of our other clients, BME, utilising our mobile digital format.


Just imagine the eyebrows raised had the answer been Kinky Afro. Anyway, this is Manchester and who doesn’t love Happy Mondays?

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