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Instagram’s Exciting New Update

13th of December 2017

…The new update lets you follow hashtags, and here’s how to do it.



In its newest update, Instagram now lets users follow hashtags, in addition to the accounts you already follow.


Here’s how it works:
1) In tags, search a hashtag that interests you in Instagram.
2) At the top of the hashtag landing page, you’ll find a new ‘Follow’ button. Click it.
3) Now, you’ll be able to see the best posts under that hashtag in your regular Insta-feed and in your Insta-Stories bar.
4) Other users will be able to see what hashtags you follow by tapping on the ‘Following’ section on your profile.



Aimed at helping users to discover more posts from the interests and communities you care most about, Instagram hopes that the platform will be easier for everyone to keep up to date with their interests, whether it be media, advertising, location, food etc.


The change arrives only one week after Instagram introduced another set up ‘Snapchat-esque’ features, such as Story Highlights, which allows you to show off your favourite Insta Stories on your profile indefinitely, and Story Archives, which saves your stories automatically when they expire.



With these fast-paced changes, it’s unclear what feature Instagram may add next, but the platform’s capabilities for hosting businesses and improving news streams means that this app is more than just a place to snap your Starbuck’s Latte #basic.

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