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Vickie Butterworth



The Funny One


Vickie’s skill set lies within planning and managing campaigns from start to finish. Now she’s running One Agency, she can really use her best skill of all – bartering for a better buying rate!


Vickie started her media sales career at just 16, in London. She is funny, maybe even the funniest person in the industry, but whether that involves people laughing with or at her is something that changes like the weather. As I’m writing this about myself, I should probably stop referring to myself in the third person!


My career has enabled me to work across almost all sectors, moving to Manchester in 2008 to work at Key 103 Radio.


Now that Vickie has been relieved of her duties writing her own bio, we can get to some harsh truths…


Vickie is from London and a huge Arsenal fan, which she insists is voluntary and absolutely not punishment for losing a bet years ago, which would make much more sense. But what do you expect from one of the few southerners in the office? She’s a glutton for punishment.


When she’s not planning multimedia campaigns, she’s watching football and muttering cockney rhyming slang.


She’s the perfect person to make more bees and honey for your business.


Favourite Quote: “To be successful, you need to surround yourself with people who are better than you.”

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