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Kenny Paver
Video & Animation

Video & Animation


The Animated One


What Kenny does in a nutshell, is video. He makes them, watches them, and he’s even in them sometimes! Essentially, he helps businesses bring their products and services to life through amazing videos and animations.


In his radio days, Kenny was part of the team that smashed the Guinness World Record for eating a muffin in the fastest time using no hands. 24 seconds in fact!


Kenny’s first job was working as a milk boy, at the youthful age of 13! His first proper job was for a record company.


Kenny loves golf. It’s more than that…his wife says it’s a problem! If he could be on the golf course every day, he would. He even has his own golf YouTube channel. Seriously.


Favourite Quote: “I’ve seen a million faces, and I’ve rocked them all.”– Bon Jovi

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