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Paul Henry
Digital Business Development Manager

Digital Business Development Manager


The Happy One


Paul is the office Labrador, breathing sunshine and happiness into any room he enters.

Paul is a master of all trades and excels at everything he does. Many people’s first jobs are in restaurants or clothes shops, but Paul is the exception to that rule. His first job was as a professional footballer for Aston Villa from the age of 11 to 16, before he had to back down due to a knee injury from playing too frequently.

He puts his footballing success down to ‘a hobby that went well’…a pattern that has proven to be the general rule of thumb for his life. Paul was at a club once, and the DJ left the room for half an hour, so Paul saw his shot and jumped on the decks, filling the dancefloor.

This move was the first step to a successful DJing career that has seen him play everywhere from Space Ibiza to funky venues in the Northern Quarter, and clubs in most European countries on the way.

Paul’s proudest career moment was running an online campaign for the BBC, making the show Who Do You Think You Are 17% more successful than the previous year.

Favourite Quote: “Life is better with a smile”, which we think he made up. So he’s quoting himself…typical Paul.

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