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Janine Jackson-Brown
Client Relations

Client Relations


The Glittery One


Janine’s role as Customer Relations Manager is to talk to people all day, every day. She loves it…and don’t we know it!


Janine started her media career in newspapers, followed by magazines and radio. Before joining the One Agency team, she worked for Cheshire Life for 9 years, hobnobbing with the Cheshire set. Class and sophistication all around. And Janine.


Janine is physically incapable of talking without moving her hands, or vice versa.


At the age of 14, Janine held her first ever job working on a fruit and veg stall – including a lot of unreasonably early starts!


Janine loves glitter and unicorns – and believes the world is a better place because of this. Get her a glittery unicorn, and she’ll be your best friend forever. Just don’t watch her hands, or you’ll get dizzy and pass out.


Favourite Quote: “Humour me with specifics” – The Game

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