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Roomzzz – PPC


Roomzzz provide hotel rooms in high quality, desirable areas within large cities located all around the country.

Our project brief was to attract business sector demographics to their website to book rooms, and ideally also join their Royalty club.

This was achieved with PPC Dynamic media placements, infusing search behaviour patterns. To achieve this we used on and offline data to work towards smarter decision making, regarding the where, when and how’s of their ad campaigns reaching potential consumers. A highly effective, efficient method to help implement the campaign and work towards success.

We also ran an email campaign to enhance their target audience interaction with their offers, and increase brand awareness.


• Our contextual strategy yielded the most success in reach, driving page visits and sign up conversions.

• Overall, performance yielded 78 room sign up conversions.

• We optimised by targeting users with similar online behaviours to those who had already converted.

• Overall, the campaign generated 1,088,205 impressions and 523 clicks.

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