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World Password Day: 25 Passwords You Absolutely Should Not Use

3rd of May 2018
passwords for world password day

Whether you’re a professional business, a digital obsessive or even just a casual internet user – nothing is more important to your own digital world than security. Keeping your data, files and information safe is an everyday struggle, a fight in which your password is the first line of defence. You can’t afford to be weak or simple when it comes to your password, you need to be smart. Unfortunately, not everyone heeds such wise advice. This much is evident when one peruses over the list of the 25 most popular passwords from 2017. The list reads as follows…

  1. 123456
  2. Password
  3. 12345678
  4. qwerty
  5. 12345
  6. 123456789
  7. letmein
  8. 1234567
  9. football
  10. iloveyou
  11. admin
  12. welcome
  13. monkey
  14. login
  15. abc123
  16. starwars
  17. 123123
  18. dragon
  19. passw0rd
  20. master
  21. hello
  22. freedom
  23. whatever
  24. qazwsx
  25. trustno1

The top 5, perhaps unsurprisingly, consists mostly of your most basic number sequences starting at 1, along with the keyboard favourite ‘qwerty’ and, of course, the word ‘Password’ itself. If you really care about your online security, please do not use these passwords. Don’t be that person.

From there things get a little more interesting. ‘iloveyou’ may seem sweet and sentimental, but it’s also a common phrase and therefore easily guessed. Similarly, ‘starwars’ stands as the only branded entry into the top 25. However, hackers often guess passwords using current pop culture references, so using the galaxy far, far away is also frowned upon. Just remember that the people attempting to get into your accounts are more than likely smarter than both of us, so simply replacing the ‘o’ in Password with a zero isn’t clever. Though it is rather funny.

As a general rule, number 25 on this list is a good reminder of the attitude you should take when concocting the perfect password. Unless it’s something ultra personal to you and you alone, do not choose something that comes into your mind easily. Try to mix it up and use numbers, symbols and upper/lowercase letters. You can always write the password down (in a safe place), but you should remember it once you’ve used it a number of times. By this point it will come to you easily, but potential online intruders will be none the wiser.

In celebration of World Password Day, improve your passwords today and feel safe in the knowledge that your own online world is well and truly protected. You’ll also feel much better about yourself in comparison to the guy still using ‘login’ as his password. Now who’s the smart one?

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