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SEO in 2017: Optimise for User’s Intent

30th of August 2017
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Though keywords are still absolutely vital, the typing in of simple words will give one equally simple results.

The modern consumers are highly aware of exactly what they’re looking for, and search engines are getting more and more advanced in the arena of identifying user intent. As a result, people online are now searching full questions or phrases in search engines, which then accumulate data to provide more effective results.

In 2017, brands will need to place worth on optimising their digital content based on user intent more than specific keywords, as in the past. For your own company’s SEO strategy, it will be crucial to:

1. Investigate. What searches are bringing people to your website or page? What questions are they looking for your own content to answer effectively?

2. Optimise. Once you have pulled together all of your relevant research data and found areas that improvement, make the changes necessary to increase ratings. Based on said research, tell the user’s story by adjusting content to reflect and bear relevance to the person’s experience.

3. Adjust. Stay up to date with analytics in order to gain an understanding of what’s working and what isn’t, then update in line with what you find.

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