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SEO and Poor Content Do Not Mix

24th of January 2018
SEO is a crucial digital service

Search Engine Optimisation is about much more than ranking alone.

It’s also about educating people, helping them achieve solutions to issues or problems and manoeuvring them towards an association with a brand or website.

Great keyword research is crucial. By diving deep and identifying what your target niche is searching for, you can begin to develop some ideas of what kind of content might be of interest to them.

Providing a Quality User Experience
A website of good quality design and fantastic user experience will have a much more positive impact on your SEO strategy. When your site brings in a user via search and then entices them with good, engaging content in a user-friendly way, Google will take notice. Ultimately, good content needs to be coupled with a good experience.

Serve Content With Speed
People want answers instantly. If your site takes an age to load properly, and users can’t get to content as quickly as they would like, your rankings will likely be adversely affected. So make sure your site loads as fast as possible and can deliver good, quality content quickly and on time.

Beat Your Competitors
Do you want to outrank your competition? Of course you do! You need to do everything listed above to a higher standard than anyone else. This is why monitoring your competitors is so crucial. Identify what they are doing and why it is working and strive do a better job than them.

In order to successfully monitor your competition’s online marketing actions, take a look at HubSpot’s Website Grader here. Open Site Explorer from Moz is another top tool to see your competition’s backlinks.

Perfection Comes Through Practice
Content is the essence of SEO. Having a thorough content strategy behind your SEO plan will help you build links faster and at a higher rate in terms of volume and quality. It also helps Google contextually understand your website more. Good content isn’t a happy accident. It comes through research, planning and giving your time.

Investing in great content is what divides the “Pros” from the rest. Placing these tips into action is the only way to truly improve and get better. Eventually, you’ll come to understand and appreciate that the extra effort or work up front will return some inspiring results.

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