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Looking Up at the Stars – Remembering Stephen Hawking

14th of March 2018

Physicist. Cosmologist. Author. Teacher. Professor Stephen Hawking did so much with the time he had on Earth, so much in fact that it puts even the best of us to shame. More than any other scientist in recent memory, Hawking’s work changed the way we view the world and others beyond our own.

In his theoretical work, Hawking gave us new ways of understanding the universe at large. He helped unlock the secrets behind phenomena as mind-blowing and far reaching as black holes, culminating in his discovery that they emit detectable radiation, blowing the now popular study of black holes and their true nature wide open. Along with more trailblazing work involving quantum physics and Einstein’s theory of relativity, he became a prolific author and teacher, writing many books to pass his incredible body of work onto the next generation of big thinkers.

So important was Hawking that his work and personality transcended the usual boundaries of academia, becoming a cultural phenomenon whose presence was felt in everything from The Simpsons to Oscar nominated Hollywood movies.

Hawking broke down doors and dispelled perceived barriers for people with disabilities in his field and beyond, having suffering from a progressive form of motor neurone disease from an early age. This condition would go on to leave him paralysed and unable to speak unaided by his own computer system. In his overcoming of this particular adversity lies perhaps his greatest lesson of all – to look up to the stars and aspire to something more. To always chase your dreams no matter what obstacles are placed in your path. Having inspired our collective thinking about everything from science and religion to space, the universe and beyond, Stephen Hawking reached for the stars and then some.

Here at One Agency, there’s a particular Hawking quote that we feel is quite apt to both our own work and the world today:

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”

In an ever shifting, hectic and sometimes troubling climate, there can be no truer words spoken. Stephen Hawking, you will be missed.

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Words: Connor Davey

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