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Improve Your Brand Awareness Today

24th of January 2018
Brand awareness can be achieved through One Agency Digital

Are you looking to gain new customers for your brand or business, pull back lost leads, push up customer loyalty and increase the growth of your business as a whole?

Then there can be no better option than boosting your brand awareness…

Craft a one-of-a-kind personality
The platform HubSpot says, “Your brand identity is the representation of your company’s reputation through the conveyance of attributes, values, purpose, strengths, and passions.” Creating and developing a truly unique brand identity is perhaps the most effective way of increasing your brand awareness. For example, brands such as Dollar Shave Club and Old Spice are renowned for being witty and relatively ‘different’. Or share a range of differing experiences in order to gain further readership.
Regarding the Dollar Shave Club, it is a brand well-known for being subversive and the video that first showcased the brand was funny and outrageous. Said video rapidly gained millions of views on YouTube as a result of social shares. But, the most interesting point to make of the video is that 12,000 people signed up for the DSC within the first 48 hours of the video being launched. Why is this? How can you possibly incorporate this idea into your own?

Create a different, unforgettable ad or campaign that will leave a lasting impression with your audience. When your audience remembers you or your brand—they connect with you in a potentially personal way—as a result your audience will be more likely to share your content, which will then result in a very desirable sales boost.

Earn Referrals
It’s no secret that word-of-mouth referrals can be very powerful. But, if you need proof, here are stats that show their potential power:

  • 83% of respondents trusted referrals from people they knew – Nielsen
  • “People who were referred by friends were three times more likely to purchase than visitors who clicked on online ads” – Inc.com
  • Word of Mouth marketing (WOM) has been shown to improve marketing effectiveness by up to 92% – Forbes
  • 56% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from friends and family – MarketingCharts

The Dropbox referral program is one of the more widely known, and ultimately successful, cases of how a brand can improve awareness and grow their brand as a result. For those unfamiliar with the process, the referral program works like so; for every friend that is referred, Dropbox will give existing customers an additional 500 MB of bonus storage. Reports have suggested that this technique resulted in a huge 3900% growth rate that saw Dropbox go from 100k users to 4M in a short 15 months.

Referral Saasquatch sorted the numbers and discovered that this stat could be exaggerated and it is more likely that “Dropbox grew their registered user base by between 5.25% – 9.76%,” which remains a fantastic increase amount for a basic referral program that cost the business exactly nothing in advertising spend.

Uber is another brand that initially ran on word-of-mouth referrals. In its earlier days, Uber would give free-of-charge rides to influencers in Silicon Valley. The company were aware that these influential people would spread their experiences across the web and with friends.

Be a Host
One of the greatest things about hosting an event is that they can be enjoyed by a vast number of people regardless of the industry you’re in. More importantly, it’s a chance for your audience to get to know your business better, see the human faces behind the brand and spend some time with your customers. It could be a holiday party, annual summer get-together, non-profit sponsorship, workshop, or product release, your event can be as small or as grand as you want depending on what your exact goals are as a brand.

On a tight budget or wanting to expose the untapped potential of alternative markets? You should consider teaming up with another business to host an event together. If you’re a brick and mortar site, why not co-host an office party with your neighbours? If you’re in a more specific niche area, auto parts for example, you could generate a partnership with other brands from within that industry for a shared event.

Hosting an event can be extremely beneficial, but it might not always be practical cost or logistics-wise. If that’s the case, you can still make yourselves and your branded presence known at industry specific events by networking or having a stall. Alternatively, you can turn to tech and host a podcast or webinar with a range of easy-to-use tools at hand such as Audacity, Skype, Google Hangouts, and Webinars On Air.

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