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5 Tips for Social Media Advertising in 2017

24th of August 2017
Social media strategy is key to online success

Would you like to take your social advertising to the next level in 2017? This is a crucial time to make a head start on competitors.

This post will talk you through some recommendations on how to optimise your social ads to their full potential.

1. Make the most of reduced ad costs
Quarter 4 is notoriously the most costly time to advertise on social platforms. The reason is quite clear: Huge retailers and e-commerce sites all battle for a narrow volume of inventory in order to push holiday sales. Prepare to take advantage of less frequent competition in the form of more forgiving cost per impression and costs per click rates in the first quarter.

2. Make your copy and creative fresh
Begin the New Year with new imagery, video and copy for any social ads. Look over and analyse the creative that you had in 2016, and consider how to improve performance.

Also, try some copy that is relevant to seasons, perhaps centred on resolutions or the New Year. Absorbing creative and copy increase your chances of delivery or maximised performance on social formats and decrease how much it costs for you to reach a target audience.

3. Try a new social platform
Were you aware that you can do mobile app install campaigns on Pinterest? Or that you can send users to your site or app straight off Snapchat, the fastest growing social platform around? Strive to attempt at least one new social platform in the next year — the results may surprise you.

Remember that trying new platforms will allow you to reach new people, but perhaps more importantly, it may allow you to reach the existing users in a new, fresh way – thus keeping their attention and by extension their dedication to your brand. It’s important to note that a particular user may be more or less interested in your adverts depending on the platform you are attempting to reach them on. It’s best to have a number of differing bases covered for this exact reason.

4. Ensure that your audiences are up to date
Who you do and don’t target in your social campaigns is crucial to the prospective success of campaigns. For prospecting, make sure you update your exclusion list so that you are not hitting current customers again. Also make sure to refresh your custom audiences for re-targeting efforts.

5. Construct your 2017 strategy
Spend time throughout early 2017 crafting a strategic blueprint for your social media advertising scheme. Identify the tests you want to run, the platforms/formats you’ll push out into and any other plans. A strategic blueprint will enable you to cast a keen eye on the bigger picture, rather than switching from one method to another with your social media advertising.

2017 could be the year to make a big push with your social advertising…call us now and we can help!

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